Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The illumination!!!!!

So this is part of our annual Halloween tradition. Carve jack-o-lanterns on the Monday night before Halloween and then take them out on the porch to show them off. These are all pumpkins from my garden this year! I am proud of myself. Next year I'm going to work on giant pumpkins--Daysa tells me I'm a geek but wait until she sees the size of pumpkins I'm going to grow.

We love Halloween! And we really get into it. Sunday I did the Sunday before Halloween dinner--stew in a pumpkin and everything else Halloween and Harvest related. I really outdid myself this year. I tried a new stew recipe and Phil says it was the best ever "BY A LONG WAYS!"Just what exactly does that mean? I'll post the recipe later but it was stew cooked in apple cider.

The rest of the menu included orange colored lemonade, eyeballs, chunks of giant's earwax, cornbread baked with baby toes, and curdled apple pudding cake--yum yum. Laney, Taylor, Ashley Christly, and Hailey Oswald all joined us.

gotta go answer the door--TRICK OR TREATERS ARE HERE

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sounds Familiar

I do belive that I have said all this before...and continue to say it over and over again.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

So, my daughter and Dick Cheney....

I finally found the time to sit down and blog! Hooray. Last friday was the big day with Vice President Cheney, and it was an incredible experience. I learned that when people think you work for the whitehouse and you have the secret service pin, and the radio in your ear, with that little thing you hold in your hand and talk into, people will do almost anything you want. We got the event ready, i did everything from setting up the flags behind the stage, and making sure the hotel staff set up the chairs and stage correctly to buying the vice president his sprite zero (he only drinks sprite zero and decaff coffee). So Ibought the vice president's soda, i promised leisy i would post a picture of it, so here it is, in my car!

After buying the soda, we got ready for the Vice President's arrival,we worked a lot with the secret service, and my job was to get all the people ready who were greeting the vice president, and they were some heavy hitters, one of them was the reverend Billy Graham's Daughter, another woman was the mother of the ceo of Blackwater security (the company all over the news right now) and some other fancy schmancy people. Anyway, I lined them all up and gave them instructions, then the vice president came in with his motorcade and I took the Lt. Governor and his wife to their alotted seats. I worked on their campaign, so needless to say they were surprised to see me working for the vice president. Anyway, after that the meeting started and i worked with the people hosting the conference in the question and answer session of the Vice President's speech and afterewards I met the President of the Czech Republic and his entourage, my job was to escort them around the event and to meet the VP. It was incredible, there i was chatting with the president of the Czech Republic, and in Russian. He wasn't quite as friendly as his assistants, but i guess the president of a small former soviet nation, can't be all that friendly. Anyway after it was all over i had to take the Vice President's advisor on International Affairs to the airport, he had been in the private meeting with the vp and the czech president and he talked to me about it and answered my questions. I guess it was a friendly diplomatic meeting and they just chatted about the missile defense system the US is putting in Poland and the Czech Republic. Anyway, overall it was a really fantastic experience. And it was really quite fun.

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