Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Monday, June 30, 2008

My First 5K!

Lehi Roundup 5K Run/Walk.

June 28, 2008.


(Back row: me, Metta, Debbie. Front row: Taylor, Laney, Leisy, Kent


Stacey Muir said...

I love it! Congrats on the 5k. I'm sure you did fabulously. You're amazing!

Miss you, too! :)

Lexie Lantz said...

Cute family.... and Deb :)

Congrats on the 5K you can see what we did in place of the 5K on our blog. :)

Chris Howell said...

Look out Chele, here comes Annie O. Nice going Annie, we're not dead yet, right? Life is for the living. Time to summit Borah again.


LauraJ said...

It was so fun to see you! We really enjoyed the company, games, etc. The kids especially had a great time and we hope to see you again soon!

Thanks so much for making the trek!

emilysuzanne said...

aunt annie!
so i saw your playlist and
you should absolutely add
annie's song by vanessa carlton.
check it out yo! :)
-embly wembly
and awesome job running. i love running.

the Kprows! said...

good job on the 5k! That's awesome! I had planned to run a half marathon this October, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should start off by running a 5k FIRST!

kenya said...

Wow am I impressed! Considering my idea of exercise is watching the olympics. Way to go Annie O!!!!

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