Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Friday, August 17, 2007

Denmark and Sweden Trip

My latest travels include a trip to Denmark and Sweden. Phil joined me and we flew into Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is absolutely lovely and the people are so friendly and helpful. A work colleague and her husband, Gitte and Torben, invited us to stay with them the first night and it was so pleasant and relaxing we stayed with them the whole time! We had a great time and learned UNO the Torben Egbert way. If you're interested in a game of Torben UNO call us and we'll teach you his rules.

The weather was perfect: upper 70s and occasional rain.

We stayed at a place called Snogeholmslott in Southern Sweden (a more recent old castle--see the pictures above). It was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest and a lake.

Several Danes told us this is not Sweden it is still Denmark that the Swedes took over. Apparently once a year several Danes get together and go to southern Sweden and take a shovel full of dirt back to Denmark.

While in Sweden I taught a 7Habits Teen class to a group of youth ages 13-20. It was a really fun experience and they were great kids. They were less than thrilled to be there--their parents work for FranklinCovey and wanted their teens to go through a 7 Habits course. But I think when it was over they really had a good time--at least that's what they told me.

The weather was wet and foggy, perfect weather for a castle setting.

The only downside to Sweden: mosquitoes and slugs.

Shopping was fun, sightseeing was fun, our hosts were incredibly generous and I am now willing to do a "house share holiday." Anybody interested?

August 17, 2007 6:13 AM


Kent and Leisy said...

is a house share holiday where you switch houses for awhile??

Annie O said...

Yes. A couple of the people I met with in Denmark said they would be interested. Want to join us?

Don't forget tomorrow is Daysa's birthday!

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