Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Everyday life

Hello world! I'm kinda thinking this is fun after all. It justs takes me a bit. This week finds us doing what we do. Daysa attends Lehi Jr. High Leadership camp everyday this week, tumbling on Tues and Thurs, a stake pool party tonight, ortho appointment on Thursday, and night games with the neighborhood gang every night.

Metta is busy working two jobs and hanging out with her "friend." I look forward to school starting for her so she can get back into the school social scene and get working on her college education. She's busy and she loves making desserts.

Ulla and Alan came by and visited last night. Daysa gave a BRIEF family home evening lesson. And Phil and I are trying to work and get everything caught up and ahead since we'll be gone a week.

And so life goes. How about in your world? Is my life just like every other mother/professional?
I'll check in next week and update you on our trip. Hopefully I'll have some pix to download.

Be safe and be smart. Tip for the day: WALK!


Jessica Hardy Nye said...

I'll validate you Momma Oswald! I'm already loving your blog...especially the title! But if you dare talk about Christmas or anything yet...

Annie O said...

Happy holidays sweetpea! I think of you often--in fact on our door leading in from the garage I have NOEL up all year long and I think of you everytime I see it.

Hope you're well. We understand you are expecting baby #2. Annie is a cute name for a girl.

Love ya.

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