Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Biggest Loser

Yippee! My favorite tv show is back! The Biggest Loser. I love this show because it is real people losing weight the real weigh (ha! pun intended). They watch what they eat and they exercise. Granted, we can't live on a ranch with a daily trainer and a dietician and doctor on site. And we do have family to feed and shop for. And we do go to work every day and we are tempted by goodies and luncheons and the perk of desserts when we travel.

But other than that, I think this show is pretty realistic. What I especially like about this show is that if I'm going to watch it, I'm going to be exercising while I watch it. I get out my 5 lb weights and my exercise mat and my exercise ball and when I'm watching, I'm exercising.

So this year, while the losers are losing I'm going to commit to you to lose too. You are my diet buddy so help me out. I'm going to commit to 10 lbs by Christmas! So, watch for a posted picture of me now (well later this week when I can get someone to help me post a current picture to my blog).

Starting today, September 6, I'll keep a Food Diary an exercise log here. I'm open to any diet and exercise tips.

Tip for the day: DON'T DRINK SODA POP

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S Muir said...

Yay! I already have it scheduled to record on my DVR. You don't need to lose weight - you look great, Annie! But that's why you're such an inspiration to me! You already look fantastic and are striving to be better!
My tip for the day:
Drink a Diet Coke, it'll get you through the day! HA!! :)

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