Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

OK already! I know I've been terribly remiss in keeping up with the blog but I'm back! Here is my cute Zebber and his Valentine love bug which his mummy reports he loves (but I'm sure he only loves it because it's from Nannie Annie).

Phil and Daysa are off to their Wednesday night church activities and I have the house to myself---ahhhh peace and quiet and now I can catch up on this blog, bake some cookies for my neighbor who taught my lesson on Sunday while we were out of town, go to the gym, work on my next lesson, send thank you notes to the Boise family who put us up and entertained us over the weekend, send a check to Bryson to pay for the Wii we bought from him, finish the laundry, go outside and see if I can see the lunar eclipse, and then maybe I'll watch some tv. Ha! Ha! And so goes the life of a fulltime working mom and wife.

When I get the weekend pictures posted I'll tell you about our weekend get-away to Boise. For now I do need to finish the laundry, bake cookies, and write thank you notes.

Add your comments please. I'd love to hear from you.


Kent and Leisy said... bought a wii! what happened to you guys. you are such softies. isn't nintendo a tool of the devil? you have three game machines in that house now. the devil is running rampant. I bet it's you guys' fault that zebbie got the 666 social security number!

Annie O said...

No, it's an exercise machine! And it's a tool to keep us connected to Daysa and all of the really good people have one and Bryson needed the money and it keeps us from watching bad tv and and and...

Oh, alright I've succumbed to Satan's wiles. It's your dad's fault--you can blame him.

Jason & Shannon said...

Haha, I was starting to believe it was for exercise... They really do give quite the workout. Just be careful not to throw the controller, I have a friend who threw one into the tv and the controller broke through the tv and was stuck there, tv ruined.

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