Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weekend in Idaho

I desperately needed to get out of town so we called Dave and asked if we could invite ourselves up to Boise.

We headed up to Idaho City above Boise to go
sledding and tubing. In the picture:Penny, Sarah, Bob,
K'annie, Bridger, me on the tube, Daysa, Dave,
and Michelle. (Phil is taking the picture.)
Hiking in the deep snow. Michelle and David bringing up the rear, Phil taking pictures.


Chris Howell said...

Wow, you guys do know how to have fun.... we want to play too. How about a sleep over at our house sometime?? I got a round trip ticket from SPK to SLC for 192 on Delta when we ride in Moab. Come on up!


Kent and Leisy said...

hey, I want to go sledding. not fair. come to toledo please.

taylor and laney said...

doesn't daysa always have that look on her face?

Amy and Craig said...

I wish I coulda been there! how fun, a mini family reunion. Speaking reunions, what's in the plans for the next howell reunion? We gotta plan far ahead to make it happen!

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