Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


goodbye and farewell

We bid Laney and Taylor farewell this evening as they boarded the "megabus" to Chicago! They were only here for the weekend, but it was splendid. Today church was quite a riot. One girl in the ward told me that she saw me (actually Laney) and leaned over to her husband exclaiming, "Leisy is pregnant and really pregnant at that! how did we not notice it before?!". I thought it was hystercial! It didn't help that we wore similar outfits.
My primary kids LOVED it. One told her mom that it was "creepy"! Kids are so dang funny.
Besides the art museum and Pasta Fina, we just kinda hung out. I am posting this picture and laney will probably KILL me, but I just can't help it. We had quite a few giggle fits today. Laney told her Latvia appendectomy story at dinner (the sister missionaries were over and had requested it) and it just never gets old or unfunny. The worst of the giggle fits was in the car while we were waiting for the Megabus to arrive. This is where the picture comes in. We started giggling about giggle fits and then really got out of control when Laney started losing bladder control. She is almost 7 months pregnant and is somewhat excused, but it was insanely funny. We were all crying. The people in the car next to us must have had quite the show watching us all make fools of ourselves. Sisters are good for that (laughing and making you look foolish).
The week has been stellar, but we are ready to have our house back to ourselves! Zeb experienced EXTREME sensory overload and is completely off the semi-schedule he had. Let's hope he can make a speedy and full recovery so that Kent and I can get back to sleeping :)


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