Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Monday, April 21, 2008

Books--Glorious Books!

So, I’m going to blog about what I love (besides my family). I love books. I love to read. I love to talk about books. I love it when you strike up a conversation with a stranger and the talk turns to books. What have you read lately? What's your absolute favorite? Sometimes I’ll be sitting on a plane and crying over a book and you’ll know another true book lover by the knowing look in their eye or the nod of understanding.

Some of my favorite childhood memories have to do with books. In the summer I would bike ride several miles to the library. Not many people my age, including my own brothers and sisters, wanted to be at the library in the summer. In the dim and cool bowels of the library I could feel the books. They would quiver as I walked up and down the aisles running my fingers along the spines and I could hear them calling "read me, read me." There is something about a library that has such a comforting feel and smell. I feel nostalgic now when I visit our little local library and I’m thrilled that my daughter takes her young son to the library.

So, jump in. Offer your comments, tell me what you love and don’t love. And especially tell me if you disagree with my reviews.


S Muir said...

I, too, share your passion for reading and have been doing so since I can remember! My favs growing up were Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing and remember in Kindergarden the librarian calling my mom to let her know I was checking out the books that the 6th graders were reading--she wasn't sure I would understand them. Silly.
Now I love reading mostly New Age and books with spiritual topics--not too much into fiction these days.
btw, LOVE your playlist! Who knew there were so many songs with "Annie" in the title! :)

Dave, Michelle and Bryson Howell said...

One of my favorite authors as a kid was Catherine Woolley of "Ginnie and Geneva" fame. She wrote over 87 children's books and died at 100 years of age.
I loved the summer program at the library when you could fill up a booklet with mini book reports and win prizes.

Annie O said...

Oh yes! Other book lovers! How about High Button Shoes? Did you read that? It was more of a pioneer Utah/Idaho regional book.

And I started my mystery love with Nancy Drew, moved to Dick Francis, and now really enjoy Robert Parker for pure ligth entertainment.

What are you guys reading right now?

Michelle and Stacey, check out Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams. You both will love it.

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