Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nutty for Nutella

I LOVE anything with nuts. No, I mean really. You don't understand but I am nuts about nuts. I can't think of  a nut I don't like.  And I like chocolate--I don't love American chocolate but I do LOVE European chocolate and nuts together. Thus this post about Nutella.

And some of this may be because I'm supposed to be in Europe right now but am not because of a sky full of volcanic ash. (Whoever would have thought that someday I would be saying that?)  But back to chocolate and nuts--when I go to Europe I  load up on real chocolate with hazelnuts (my favorites).

And there seems to be a sudden craze about Nutella (of which both my twins seem to be participating in). If you've never tried Nutella you've got to and then join the fan club.

Check out the Nutella site and check back here for my Nutella recipe. I'm going home tonight to experiment.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

Hope you can come up with a good imitation. Dave and Bryson like it. I also like chocolate but it doesn't like me.

Chris Howell said...

I know we had it growing up, not a lot but we did have it. Recently we bought a bottle or was it two from costco...we didn't finish them. I am also addicted to nuts and chocolate so much so that I wrote the prophet to add it to the don't list in section 89.

Annie O said...

I'm still going to try a recipe! It's just that when I got to the kitchen I found that we didn't have any Nutella! I promise a weekend recipe.

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