Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A must-read for every teacher and leader

For everyone who is a teacher--at work, at home, in your community, you must read this book. It is inspiring and uplifting and teaches through example about how you too can be a great leader as a teacher. And you can help us raise funds for breast cancer research.

The Seven Laws of Learning draws from the examples of Nelson Mandela, Friedrich Fröbel, Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, Eva Perón, Jesus, William Wilberforce, Winston Churchill and others in history and our own day who were great teachers. It identifies principles of effective teaching these leaders used, and shows how those principles can make us better leaders, teachers, and mentors.

From this book, you will learn:
  • How teaching and leading with illustrative Stories and Metaphors make learning engaging and interesting, and help the message stick.
  • Why our Perceptions (the way we see things) and those of the people we lead profoundly influence our actions and determine whether or not the results we get will meet our needs over time.
  • That there is a Natural Way we all learn, and how the most effective teachers and leaders throughout history have used that natural way in their leadership.
These principles form the basis of The Seven Laws of Learning:
  • Law One – We Are All Born to Learn. People are genetically wired wants to learn, and effective leaders teach and communicate in ways that bring them into learning experiences.
  • Law Two – You Never Know When Learning Will Occur. Much learning takes place outside the classroom or training venue. Confucius and other great teachers brought nature, history and everyday life into teaching experiences that produced more effective learning.
  • Law Three – You Learn by Connecting. The most effective teaching comes when leaders connect with those they lead, and also facilitate connections among the group as well.
  • Law Four – We All Learn Differently. Your personally preferred learning style may not work for everyone. Effective teaching happens when the different learning styles of all involved are considered.
  • Law Five – Connections Come Through Storytelling. Stories engage everyone in a learning experience. Knowing how to tell great stories is foundational to your ability to engage those you lead.
  • Law Six – Learning is Both an Emotional and an Intellectual Experience. The emotional attachment to a leader acts like a door to the mind and increases the flow of information.
  • Law Seven – Learning Can Change Lives. We retain what we learn through a process known as imprinting. Great teachers aid imprinting through repetition and significant emotional experiences.
A portion of the proceeds of every copy of this book sold in May will be donated to support breast cancer research. Please help us sell 1000 copies before May 31, 2010.

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Okie said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check this one out. :)

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