Life Is Good

Life Is Good

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

SUMMER is finally here

With the long cool June, rainy and cold Orem Summerfest, and getting ready for Girls Camp, I feel like I haven't really gotten into summer yet but we have been busy. But now, it's here. And I can relax and enjoy it.

We've already enjoyed a great family get together last Sunday to celebrate Steve and Hailey Leavitt's PhD and getting a real job in Chicago, Jason and Shannon's acceptance to Med School in Denver, and Leisy and Kent's visit to Utah.

We had a big crowd: Nick, Donna, Tanner, Shannon, Jason, Janna, K'Annie, and Penny Mills; Elaine, Mark, Ellen, Evan, Aaron, and Justin Jaynes (and Justin's homing pigeon which he released in honor of Independence Day); Rosemary McKee; Kent, Leisy, Zeb, and Ike Miller; Steve, Hailey, Jack, and Griff Leavitt; and of course, Phil, Daysa, and me. I love that back patio! And we so missed Laney and fam! Hopefully we can get to see them soon.

On June 26th we enjoyed Lehi Roundup Days parade and rodeo.

Here's Daysa with her varsity cheer partners (she's in the center).

Girls Camp in Heber Valley was June 28-July 1 and I am SO glad that's over. We camped in tents, had no electricity, cooked over a propane grill, and had to hike to the bathrooms. Let's NOT do that again.

We had such a great visit with Leisy, Kent, and boys. We went to the rodeo, Leisy spent a day at Girls Camp with me, we went to see How To Train Your Dragon.

And then we just did regular family stuff. The time went by WAY too fast.
We are sorry that our German friend, Lisa, was not able to join us this summer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her mother. Lisa, our home is always open to you whenever you can come.

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Teresa said...

So are you in the Stake where the Young Woman died of heat stroke. My daughter is there this week and I'm so glad the weather is more mild.

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